Knowing the Causes of Infant Birth Defects

According to the study, the number of babies born with disabilities each year has increased. Indeed, there is no any parents who want their babies born with disabilities. This certainly must be considered since pregnant women, because it is deformed babies when in the womb do not have signs.

There are a few things to know to cause birth defects. Among them:

• Consumption of drugs. The use of many kinds of drugs while pregnant
it is rather dangerous to the fetus. At the hospital pregnant, you should immediately consult a doctor to ensure what and of course pain can be directly addressed.

• Genetic or hereditary factors. One of these genetic factors is
can cause birth defects. The cause of some of the things that chromosomal abnormalities, single gene disorders, and multifactorial. For that, know whether relatives had ever born handicapped? Try to consult a gynecologist to do a couple of nurses that the baby was not born disabled.

• Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. During pregnancy, should avoid both
this type because it can cause birth defects of the baby. Alcohol contains a teratogen that can cause disturbances in fetal embryonic development. This is why babies born with physical imperfect. If smoking, can damage the developing fetus, it certainly is not good for the condition care and watch intake every day. The lack of nutrients into the body and the fetus, would lead to malnutrition and malnutrition that cause birth defects. Disadvantages of each of the nutrients into the body effect of different disabilities.

In general, malnutrition nd malnutrition can cause heart defects, cleft lip, stunted, crippled legs, curved ear ear, hydrocephalus, blindness, and mental retardation. Those are some of the causes of birth defects, you should avoid it all so the baby can be born healthy and normal.

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