How to Teach Toddlers

Actually not surprising that parents start teaching the toddler to make a plan before doing anything. How do I? You can apply the following ways:

Introduce Consequences

Since the baby, you can teach your child “causation”. For example, when he punched your nose, you can express the pain with little cries, “Ow ….!” This simple concept makes children appear to know what the consequences for what he did.

For the second year, you can teach through simple language. When you take a toy friends son, so his cry and beat him, you can say, “because you take the toy Tono, he was sad and angry. So she beat you. Goods time do not take friends, yes dear …”

Teach Self-Control

The toddler still egosentri, everything focused on himself then, do not be surprised, if he hit another friend / grab toys own wishes. You can intervene with your child control. For example, tell him that he has his own toys, as well as the friend. Children must ask permission to borrow the toy before taking it. Continue reading “How to Teach Toddlers”

Quit Smoking Before Age 35

Smokers to stop smoking before the age of 35 years will be able to have a long and healthy life, just as those who do not smoke. Dangers of smoking can be avoided if the stop before the age of 35 years.

But to restore health problems that have been posed, requiring at least 15 years after being released from cigarette smoke. By this time, the new body condition body condition can be restored as people who do not smoke.
Results of this study is not meant that people allowed to smoke and stopped at the age of 35 years, but shows how difficult a smoker to quit smoking.
A smoker in addition to having a low quality of life, also usually have a shorter age than those who do not smoke. Nevertheless, a lot of smokers who have tried to change this bad habit.

If you smoke, try to stop . Do not get a heart attack or other serious illnesses that stop you. The sooner you quit, the better.


Polio paralyzed

Viruses that enter and multiply in the small intestine, can enter the bloodstream and reach the central nervous system. Virus will damage motor nerves, the nerves that instruct the muscles to move. This nerve damage can not be recovered, resulting in muscles can not function again (permanent paralysis). More often experience muscle paralysis is muscle in the leg area, compared to muscles in the arm. This paralysis is also called acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). If paralysis persists, it can lead to paralysis of the two pairs of limbs (quadriplegia). In severe cases, the virus can invade the brain stem, causing breathing disorders and difficulty swallowing and speaking, which can end up with dead .

Although only one of the 200 people infected will suffer from paralysis. But some of these factors are known to increase the risk of an infected person to experience paralysis:

A person with body resistance is low for such in children
Those who had tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils glands) Continue reading “Polio”

Physical Healthy Spiritual Walk

In the morning or evening, sometimes we see people who are advanced enough to walk around the park on a regular basis or a residential neighborhood. We usually think, they routinely do that just regular routines or simply to seek a new atmosphere. But it proved, to have great benefits. Because it will reduce the risk of dementia (dementia) and improve mental function.

According to a study in the Journal of the cast of the American Medical Association. The study consisted of two large studies. The first study conducted on 2,000 men aged between 71-93 years who took part in the study in the Honolulu-Asia aging. They all asked about walking they do every day and then examined about his dementia.

Those who walk less than a quarter of a mile per day, nearly two times more likely to suffer dementia than those who walked more than two miles each day.

Here Dementia associated with changes in brain function such as impaired memory and behavioral changes.
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Stop Seizures Fever In Your Child!!!

Febrile seizure is also known as stuip or stip. Febrile seizures are divided into two types, namely simple febrile seizures and complex febrile seizures, which are often experienced by children under the age of 1.5 years.

Of course, a febrile seizure is different with epilepsy that occurs repeatedly and continuously. Seizures due to epilepsy does not begin with a fever. Simple febrile seizures are less likely to recur, the fever begins, and does not occur continuously. Unlike the complex febrile seizures are at higher risk occurs repeatedly, and is the first step to develop into epilepsy. You are therefore advised to note and measure, at what temperature your child gets a seizure. Why do that? Because every child has a different temperature tolerance limits. In addition, for children who have a family history of suffering from seizures due to fever, or abnormalities in the nervous system, will be susceptible to seizure if the temperature is 38 degrees celsus has passed.

Not a febrile seizure occurs because of infection in the central nervous system, but because of the temperature rise above 38 degrees celsus. Children can be exposed to a seizure if he was exposed to a high fever, or sore throat. Fever is a symptom of a disease. A child is said to be a fever if his temperature is above 38 degrees celsus. Some signs the child has a febrile seizure, among others:
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Body Balancing to Bones and a Healthy Heart

Bones and a healthy heart is the dream of every person. To get it, by maintaining a healthy diet and should be accompanied by regular exercise. Yoga, tai chi, and Pilates has been frequently recommended by health experts to train the bone, cardiac, and respiratory systems.

Body Balancing is a sport that combines the movements of yoga, tai chi, and pilates. Exercise that lasted 55 minutes with this music can strengthen your physical and mental. Flexible and dynamic movement Body Balancing can help you become more powerful, quieter, and more focus on making your activities.

Body Balancing is very popular because of its benefits, it also does not take your time, and the intensity level is not too high. Therefore, Body Balancing is suitable for all adults at all ages. Continue reading “Body Balancing to Bones and a Healthy Heart”

Children Fat? Not Necessarily Health

The high level of economic, cultural change, and the development of food technology is now delivered many generations of children are obese. Actually there is a medical reason why the child should not be too fat.

Obesity has become epidemic in the world today. Quite a lot of slimming centers that started popping up everywhere. Fat for some people it still holds a symbol of prosperity. Most of the parents, especially the mother, also want their children to be obese because it looks cute and plump. In the United States itself is now grappling with the children classified as obese, because the number had reached more than half the population of children there. Most of these children instead require consulting a doctor.

Likelihood of overweight in children allegedly due to excessive consumption of junk food. Menu junk food rich in fat, sugar, salt, and very high in calories. Tongue suspected child today is conditioned with a savory flavor, sweet, salty, spicy and versatile. That’s what led them to no longer liked the food in the home menu.

Diet without the supervision of a doctor is not recommended for children who are obese. In its infancy, the child’s body should not let lack of nutrients. Diet to lose weight is not the right thing because that is reduced in the menu is not just calories, but also all the nutrients they need for growth. In addition, drugs such consumed by adults with high blood fat are also not advisable given to children. Actually, by reducing the share menu or cholesterol fatty foods, coupled with regular exercise, is expected to lower blood fat levels in the body of the child.
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With gorgeous Washes

Bath soap used daily, can keep your skin healthy and beautiful. How to choose a suitable soap?

Look beautiful is important for women. In addition to beautiful, of course, also need to be healthy. Beauty expert stated, a beautiful woman will shine from skin clean, fresh, smooth and toned. This condition does not come by itself. Caring for skin health and beauty are two things that can not be separated.

The simplest way to create a healthy and beautiful skin is to the soap, which can cleanse the skin of bacteria, germs and fungi. Soap bath soap good.There two types that we know, ordinary soap and antiseptic soap.

Plain soap (non-antiseptic) is usually used as a cleaner and fresher body, after a day of exposure to dust and sunlight. Alkali, one of the basic ingredients of soap, dirt and grease cleaning function of the skin’s surface. But, there is a dry skin type, alkali can actually make the skin grow dry, and irritated busik. So, generally added moisturizer soap that will leave a soft effect, fragrant and fresh on the skin.
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Little aids Task Completes His school

Children will be more successful in school when their parents are interested in helping children in completing their schoolwork. Parental interest in the child’s school assignment will be to make children feel happy and recognize the importance of school work. But how is the proper way to help children completing school assignments? Is the problem just working all the time a child says can not? Or is it the other way?

The steps that can be done is as follows!

Teachers are surrogate parents in the school. Therefore, talk to your child’s homeroom teacher or how should you help your children with their schoolwork.
Create an atmosphere at home that support children to do their schoolwork. Make sure the home study place have enough light. Provide a writing instrument which if required in the children’s learning.
Schedule a regular study time. There are kids who love to learn the afternoon, but there are also children who prefer to learn the evenings after dinner. Let the children choose for themselves the right time for him to learn during his time option is still within reasonable limits. Continue reading “Little aids Task Completes His school”

The Natural Ways to Get Slim Body

Being slim may be the dream of almost all women. It did not escape from society’s view of women even certainly synonymous with beautiful slim body. Be slim for most people is not easy, especially when it has entered the age of 30 years. Metabolic changes generally lead to weight gain and abdominal . Though tackle the problem of obesity is not too difficult, as long as it is supported with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and try traditional recipes of the plants around us. Here there are a number of traditional herbs that can be tried to lose weight naturally:

Noni (Morinda citrifolia)
Although noni plant has been known as a multi-efficacy, not many people know that this plant is also efficacious weight loss. The fruit can reduce excessive body fat. Noni contains acetyl ester, kapron, and soranidiol.
Dutch identity (Guazuma ulmifolia)
Dutch teak or teak londo has been known as a traditional remedy for weight loss. In fact there are companies that produce traditional herbal plants such as slimming tea (slimming tea) Continue reading “The Natural Ways to Get Slim Body”